Rejections from partnership pitches are the worst — Especially when it comes to your dream corporates. The competition is stiff and everyone’s hustling to close the next deal.

Best way to tackle this? Hear from corporates about what makes THEM tick. Join Microsoft for an Ask Me Anything in conjunction with our upcoming Tech Showcase Day: Industry 4.0. We’ve invited Azure Business Group Country Lead – Fiki Setiyono to answer all questions about getting corporates in Indonesia to swipe right on you!

Moderated by our very own Agustin Marjanti, get the unvarnished truth on what it takes to get pitch perfect.

Mark your calendars:
Date: 5 November 2021
Time: 4 PM (JKT Time)

No swiping left from us, we promise ?

#BLOCK71 #bisnisdigitalupi

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